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Mia Dalia is an internationally published author, a lifelong reader, and a longtime reviewer of all things fantastic, thrilling, scary, and strange. Her short fiction has been published by online by Night Terror Novels, 50-word stories, Flash Fiction Magazine, Pyre Magazine, Tales from the Moonlit Path and in print anthologies by Sunbury Press, HellBound Press, Black Ink Fiction, Dragon Roost Press, Unsettling Reads, Moon, Anthology of Lunar Horror, Phobica Books, Psycho Toxin Press, Wandering Wave Press, and DraculaBeyondStoker Magazine.

Her fiction will be featured in the upcoming anthologies by Nightshade Press,Bullet Points, Off-Topic Publishing.

Mia’s Noir tales have been published by Mystery Magazine and Bang! Noir Anthology from Headshot Press.

Her debut novelettes, Smile So Red, The Trunk, and Spindel are available on Amazon.

She currently has a multi-novella deal with PsychoToxin Press with 2023 releases scheduled.

Her debut novel, Estate Sale, was published in April of 2023 to rave reviews.

Find her at  

Twitter: @ Dalia_Verse

FB: DaliaVerse


"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale" -Hans Christian Andersen

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